If you are not sure if a particular service is the right fit for you, before signing up, schedule a Discovery Call to speak with Varetta

Our Services are perfect for any small business owner, entrepreneur or individual with interest in starting their business, obtaining Federal Government Contracts or Grants, finding out more about Government Contracting or Grants at the Federal, State or Local Government Agencies or looking for an Executive Coach to strategize and grow their business.  Please see below for our current offerings and details of what they include. Not all of our services are included on this website, so please contact us if there is a service you need that is not currently shown.

We pride ourselves in working with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals by being their Trusted Advisor and holding their hands as we Coach them along and provide them with the right tools, techniques, resources, and skills needed for their Business journey.  Our methodology is showing them HOW, to do WHAT they need to do, to get to WHERE they want to go.

government contracting services


Our V-FedCon Executive Coaching Package includes gaining an Executive Coach to help you navigate Government Contracting & Grants.


Our 8(a) Certification Package includes support to help Government Contractors with applying for their 8(a) Certification.


Our WOSB & EDWOSB Certification Packages include support to help Government Contractors with applying for their ED/WOSB Certification.



Our V-GovCon Training Portal was developed for Individuals and Business Owners who need access to Do it Yourself (DIY) Training to take them to the next level in growing their knowledge of Government Contracting and Grants and ultimately growing their businesses. Courses include how to find Procurement Opportunities, how to develop your Capability Statement, and how to price your services. LIVE Trainings can also be accessed through our Portal. New courses will be added. 

cage CODE Registration

Our CAGE Registration Services include support to help Non-Profit & For-Profit Business Owners with applying for their Unique Entity ID and CAGE Code or updating their CAGE Code. This is included in our V-FedCon Executive Coaching Package. If you need private services to complete your SAM Registrations quickly, schedule a Discovery Call with Varetta.

other services

Other Services are offered based on Business Owner needs, Speaking events or new services.  Feel free to sign up for a Discovery Call and let Varetta know what services you need. Not all of our services are listed on this site.