v-fedGRANTs Services

The V-FedGrants Services are perfect for any small business owner or non-profit organization applying for Federal Government Grants.

Please see below for our current offerings and details of what they include.


V-FedGrants Private Consultation will include:

  • Review your Grant Opportunities.

  • Review your Website, SAM Profile, LinkedIn Page, Business Documents or Listings.

  • Provide Financial Application Assistance for PPP, PPP Round 2, EIDL Loan, etc.

  • Provide assistance with applying for Grant Opportunities.

  • Have Coaching call(s) with you to discuss your opportunities and concerns.

  • Review questions submitted and provide response(s) or recommendations.

  • Provide access to Training Materials.

  • Provide access to Grant Opportunities using your primary keyword.

  • Private Consultation can be provided at hourly or monthly rates.

  • To schedule a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call with us, click on the button to the left.