"Oh Happy Days! So, I did exactly what you said and the Dept of Ed ASKED ME for a meeting. I've NEVER had an agency Ask ME for a meeting. I'm in shock and Joy all at the same time. Thank you Coach!" Natasha Davis, Impact Branding Consulting (V-GovCon Tribe Member from GA).


"I was working with someone before and I feel like she was just stealing my money. I didn't get half this information. You guys are awesome. That's the only word I can use." Tiearra Sampson, Maine Miles Logistics (V-GovCon Strategy Session Graduate from PA).

One year update!

"Varetta has been very excellent holding my hands and telling me what I need to do. We worked on a couple proposals, went to a couple of conferences together. She's been there every step of the way." Mohema Rahman, IR Consulting LLC (V-GovCon BootCamp Graduate from VA).

Definitely Recommend!

"We received a wealth of information, information that you can actually apply and when you leave the boot-camp you are actually a government contractor. You don't just leave the same way you came, when you come you're at start but when you leave the bootcamp you're at go." Regina Waller, Reddwall Consulting (V-GovCon BootCamp Graduate from DC).


"I get to learn some new stuff. How you can tap into all the monies the federal government has available. Anybody wants to partner with me, as Government Contractors, we can go on some bids. All the knowledge I have gained here, now we can help each other to grow our companies," Graeme Huggins, Graet Advice, LLC (V-GovCon BootCamp Graduate from MD).


"...And as far as the implementation, ready to go! Exciting! The partnerships that had been formed at V-GovCon are going to take us across the [finish] line and do exactly what it is that we came here to do! " Chantelle Morman, Morman & Company (V-GovCon BootCamp Graduate from FL).